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A Green Paradise in the Heart of Austin - In Waterloo Park, looking away from the capital - pic by Tipsy G. on August 27, 2021, on Yelp

A Green Paradise in the Heart of Austin

Admire the best of spring beauty from Alexan Waterloo. We may be at the center of downtown Austin, but our luxury apartments put you close to a green paradise in the heart of Austin. So enjoy the fresh greens and the fragrant blooms of the season while they last, listen to some live music, or enjoy a walk with Fido. 

Waterloo Greenway

Waterloo Park is part of an ongoing Austin project to bring more green back into the heart of Texas, that’s an excellent attraction for spring and summer. When the sky is blue, it’s the perfect park to catch a live performance. Try some local cuisine on the lawn. Or jog alongside the creek. Best of all, it’s only half a mile from our luxury apartments, so you can save on parking and walk there in under ten minutes.

Green Beside the Capitol

Since its inception in 1970, Waterloo Park has been a popular destination for tourists and locals. Over 1.5 miles of hiking, walking, and biking trails are available. Each path paces through beautiful flora and an immersive atmosphere where you can escape into nature.

Events and the Moody Amphitheater

Need something to do this weekend? Waterloo Park hosts exciting events virtually every week. The Moody Amphitheater, for example, features live performances from all genres of music, ranging from classical orchestras to modern hip-hop. Other fun activities, such as the upcoming Pop-Up Picnic, are another welcome park surprise.

Celebrate the start of spring in a green paradise in the heart of Austin near Alexan Waterloo. Visit our Austin luxury apartments and Waterloo Park and Greenway today.