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Austin Nature & Science Center - pic by Griselda V. on Yelp

Austin Nature & Science Center

There’s always something new to learn from the world around us. Be it the animals we share the land with to the very particles within the air we breathe. Whether you’re a kid or a kid by heart, our luxury apartments at¬†Alexan Waterloo¬†encourage our residents to explore and expand their knowledge. Thanks to our fantastic location, you can breathe new life into local exploration, like at the Austin Nature and Science Center. So upgrade your weekends today at Alexan Waterloo.

The Austin Nature & Science Center

The Austin Nature & Science Center is located in Zilker Metropolitan Park’s westernmost part. Here you find the city’s biggest attraction when exploring natural sciences. Featuring dozens of permanent exhibitions and habitats, the Center offers endless opportunities for fun. In addition, it’s only three and a half miles away from our luxury apartments. It’s an easy rideshare of fewer than fifteen minutes.

Hands-On Adventures for All Ages

For starters, there are dozens of exhibitions to explore, each catering to patrons of all ages. Learn about paleontology and dig for dinosaur bones in the Dino Pit. Or, walk around and immerse yourself in the beautiful Texas flora on the Forest Trail. You can also see the Pollinator Gardens and the many butterflies attracted to their seasonal blooms.

Extra Events in Every Season

Finally, special events cycle throughout the year, so there’s always something new to see upon every visit. Kids can participate in yearly summer camps and expand their minds while enjoying the beautiful weather. If you can’t visit, you don’t have to miss out. Daily videos are uploaded on YouTube, offering helpful nature tips and tricks during your work or school week.

Let your curiosity run wild at the Austin Nature and Science Center, a short hop from Alexan Waterloo. Find a new home at Alexan Waterloo and stride into bliss today!