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Grills and Drinks - Interior

Grills and Drinks

Fill up at this joint with grills and drinks in downtown Austin. Moonshine Grill offers southern comfort food in style. Since Alexan Waterloo is in the heart of Austin, this grill is only an arm’s length away. Come and dine in Southern style at Moonshine Grill!


Flaming Grills

Eat your fill with a wide variety of food to choose from. You will not find the options lacking from starters, platters, desserts, and sides. Experience authentic Southern cuisine. Fill up with hot food here at Moonshine Grill.


Brews and Drinks

If you are looking for refreshing drinks, you won’t find this place lacking either. They have an wide selection of drinks for you to choose from. Brews, bourbon, moonshine, whiskey, or whatever it is, they have it for you. Their drink menu embodies the figure of speech “pick your poison.”


Food and Comfort

Moonshine Grill is the definition of Southern food and comfort. Even their design, both interior and exterior, reflects this culture. The paintings on the wall are beautiful. The brick walls add a particularly pleasant texture to the interior. Lastly, the wooden tables make you feel right at home.


Grills and drinks are abundant here at Moonshine Grill. Here, you can find the perfect end to a tiresome day. Call now to make reservations for you and your friends.