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Hoboken Pie near Alexan Waterloo

Hoboken Pie near Alexan Waterloo

Moving to Austin is like living in a laidback world full of unexpected treats and a way of life like nowhere else. Treat yourself to some of the best pizza in town with a slice from Hoboken Pie near Alexan Waterloo. Whether you pop by for lunch or order takeout on your move-in day, you will love their food. Part of the luxury your new Alexan Waterloo apartment offers is easy access to the best of Austin. Why wait any longer?

Hoboken Pie

Who knew you could find the best pizza in Jersey in the heart of Austin? From Hoboken Pies, “Back in 2008, there were great pizza places in Austin, but no one was filling that old-time traditional itch of the famous Jersey-style pie. The opening Hoboken Pie satisfied that craving! Back in the day, the folks making pizza in New Jersey turned out quality pies day in and day out at small operations. Everyone had their favorite pizzeria. They were willing to argue or brag about its merits at length. It’s a tradition that prevails to this day. Hoboken Pie still stands for that reason. We aspire to continue that old tradition: the small mom and pop, who are grateful for loyal customers that appreciate our efforts and are willing to make a case for this little shop being the best in town!” 

Neighborhood Eats near Alexan Waterloo

Sunny P. shares“Love this place. Whether it’s a slice at 2am downtown or a whole pie for a Friday night in, this pizza never disappoints. The menu has a lot of flavorful options, and we try a new pie each time we go. My current favorite is The Torres and the cheesy bread. (You can also place for pickup or delivery, which is super convenient).” A night out with friends deserves a pizza from Hoboken Pies.

Austin Flavors

There’s a unique variety of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues in Austin that you can’t find anywhere else. Whether the shop has a local vibe or international flavor, they all feel like Austin. So isn’t it time to add your voice to the remarkable landscape of the city and make your move to Alexan Waterloo?

Enjoy a slice from Hoboken Pie near Alexan Waterloo and dive into relaxed living in Austin. Find your voice and reach for happiness in a new luxury apartment home.