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Koriente near Alexan Waterloo - mushroom and tofu bowl - pic by Farrah A.

Koriente near Alexan Waterloo

Celebrate your move into the heart of Austin luxury with a meal at Koriente near Alexan Waterloo. Indulge in Asian cuisine as unique as your new city within easy reach of your luxury apartment at Alexan Waterloo. An extra perk of living here is your new city. So grab your friends and discover why everyone loves Austin. You belong here.


Sometimes you have to make it yourself when you can’t find it. That’s the spirit behind Koriente. In their words, “My mom started this restaurant b/c she hates to cook. She loved going out to eat (making someone else do all the work) but found it tough to find healthy, msg-free, low-cal, balanced meals with prices within daily reach. She felt guilty for feeding us crap and felt sick of being a housewife, so she said, Why not open a restaurant for people like me? Koriente will continue offering delicious Asian-inspired dishes that are healthy, affordable, and quick.”

Dining near Alexan Waterloo

Rebecca R. shares“Everything was absolutely delicious, including the boba tea! I got the tuna (rare, seared). The portions were great fresh, and very flavorful. My husband got chicken, again, delicious and flavorful nice portion with purple rice. Can’t wait to come back!”

Austin Wonderland

One of the best features of Austin is how eclectic the dining is. You can find a five-star restaurant in a strip shopping center that’s world-famous. So whether a large dining room with white tablecloths or a well-loved food truck, it’s the food that counts. You will never find dining as in Austin, so bring your appetite.

Celebrate your move with a meal at Koriente near Alexan Waterloo and get a taste of Austin. Schedule your tour, choose your floor plan, and make your move today!