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Luxury Apartments in Austin - Luxury spa shower/tub combos

Luxury Apartments in Austin

Care to get a glimpse of luxury apartments in Austin? Come and live in Alexan Waterloo’s luxury apartments! These apartments provide residents with a high-end living experience, with amenities and features beyond the usual and typical. Have a taste of the extraordinary.

Bathing in Luxury

Want to know what it is like to have a spa day at home? Our apartments feature luxury spa showers and tub combos. You won’t ever have to miss a spa day! Experience the relaxation of a luxury spa in the comfort of your abode. Have a spa day every day!

Elevated Views in Austin

We want you to witness and appreciate beauty. What better way to get that experience than with great views? Our apartments feature excellent views of downtown Austin. Wake up in the morning or fall asleep at night to a city that is a sight to behold.

High-End Apartments

With luxury living comes luxurious perks. Accessing your apartment and operating the apartment speakers have been made hassle-free through Bluetooth technology. With our Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, you won’t have to get up if it is too cold or hot!

Find luxury apartments in Austin here at Alexan Waterloo. From luxurious baths to excellent views, we have it all for you. Give us a call and find your stylish sanctuary.