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Pelons Tex-Mex near Alexan Waterloo

Dining in Austin is a multi-cultural experience worth celebrating. Try a meal at Pelons Tex-Mex near Alexan Waterloo to celebrate your move into your new Austin digs. Your new lifestyle at Alexan Waterloo treats you to a new pace of life wrapped in comfy apartment features and relaxing community amenities. Step into the extraordinary at Alexan Waterloo,

Dine-In near Alexan Waterloo

When you want the best Austin Tex-Mex, there is no better place than Pelons Tex-Mex. In their own words, “We at Pelon’s Tex-Mex want to make sure that you have a fun and safe experience while visiting our city or just out and about to curb your stir craziness.”

Relaxed Austin Dining – Pelons Tex-Mex

Satisfy your craving for Tex-Mex anytime. Bobby C. shares on Yelp“While visiting family in Austin came to this establishment. The food was excellent and I really enjoyed the outdoor area.”

Explore Austin

Austin is a world all its own. Grab your friends, explore Austin, and start making your go-to list for eats, treats, and shops. What will make your top-ten? 

Try Pelons Tex-Mex near Alexan Waterloo to celebrate your move to Austin. Enjoy your new lifestyle at Alexan Waterloo, luxury apartment homes, and start living well again.