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Sights Worth Seeing near Alexan Waterloo

Luxury is more than elegant finishes and stylish floorplans. Get a lifestyle upgrade with interesting local attractions, nightlife, and the best upscale dining Austin has to offer with a new home at Alexan Waterloo. What will you discover your first weekend in your new luxury apartment? Enjoy sights worth seeing near Alexan Waterloo and a new way of living.

Sights Worth Seeing

Austin is home to some of Texas’ best natural attractions. Sometimes nature takes on a life of its own in the middle of the city. Make time to visit the bats under the Congress Avenue Bridge and see something amazing. 

Congress Avenue Bridge

This natural wonder is a mild-mannered bridge during the day, but once the sun sets, it comes alive with the first flight of thousands of bats. Tiny, unassuming, winged mammals take to the sky nightly. Launch times vary according to season, but they’re easy to catch on your nightly jog through Austin.

Local Attractions

But there are other local attractions to enjoy if bats aren’t your thing. There are plenty of pocket parks, places to jog around the Capitol and 6th street, and always something going on. Grab your friends and explore your new city.

Find plenty of sights worth seeing near Alexan Waterloo luxury apartments in Austin, Texas. Luxury looks good on you. Upgrade your lifestyle at Alexan Waterloo today!