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Smart, Serene, and Stylish Apartment Homes

Smart, Serene, and Stylish Apartment Homes

Find a personal sanctuary with our smart, serene, stylish apartment homes at Alexan Waterloo. Our luxury apartments at Alexan Waterloo are packed with amenities to boost your home life, whether by cutting down that pesky to-do list or catching up on much-needed rest and recreation. So you can trust the comfort of your new apartment home, whatever you enjoy doing to relax. 

Modern Home Marvels

Our contemporary apartments host plenty of innovative home tech. For example, our secure Bluetooth entry systems give you access to your home using your smart devices. Meanwhile, our handy USB outlets allow your favorite devices to stay charged. We even have Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats to keep your comfort zone cozy all year round.

Bathe in Luxury

Our spa-inspired bathrooms are a perfect escape from stress. They feature beautiful floor-to-ceiling tiles to add a uniquely modern aesthetic. Pour a soothing bubble bath and soak away your troubles, or step into the sleek walk-in showers with rain showerheads to cleanse your body and soul. De-stressing has never been so comfy, no matter what your day throws at you.

Chillax Inside and Out

Finally, don’t just limit yourself to one space of relaxation. On top of our large and spacious floor plans, many of our luxury apartments offer wide patios or balconies overlooking amazing Austin views. So grab a cool beverage and a comfortable lounge chair and enjoy a quiet afternoon in fresh air bliss. Life is better here, right where you belong.

Make life a little easier in our smart, serene, and stylish apartment homes at Alexan Waterloo. Take a closer look at our Austin luxury apartments!