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Upscale Dining at Russian House

Your new luxury lifestyle doesn’t end at your doorstep but is alive in your new neighborhood. A new world of comfort and style opens to you when you live at Alexan Waterloo . Dive into exclusive access with upscale dining at Russian House and other local gems. Find what you’ve been missing with a relaxed vibe in new digs at Alexan Waterloo.

Upscale Dining near Alexan Waterloo

Russian House asks, “Do you remember the USSR?” In their own words, “Friends, how many of you have been to USSR? We offer you a chance to make a trip to the past, to the country that no longer exists. We are an entirely genuine Russian Restaurant in Austin. The main attraction of our restaurant is our food. All our chefs are of Eastern European descent and have experience cooking in Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, to name just a few countries.”

Russian House in Austin

Their fans are as unique as their menu. Thomas B. shares on Yelp, “My wife and I did an overnight in Austin last weekend. The Russian House was just a couple of blocks from our hotel. We’ve never been able to find a Russian restaurant in Texas until now. The food was excellent, and the infused vodkas even better. The friendly and efficient staff even on a crowded night.”

Adventure is Waiting for You

Adventure is waiting for you in Austin, Texas. Where do you see yourself in Austin? If you’re looking for a picture-perfect lifestyle, then picture yourself at Alexan Waterloo. Follow your heart to pure bliss and premium comforts only at Alexan Waterloo.

Enjoy upscale dining at Russian House to celebrate your move into luxury at Alexan Waterloo. Make your move today! Stop missing out on fun and relaxation.